Why The Chicago Bulls Should Pursue LeBron James


LeBron James is the greatest player on the planet since…. you guessed it, our very own Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

With a crop of free-agents, and one big prize, Bulls fans need to have some standards. Before July 1st, 2014 get’s here, Bulls Fans need to live by 3 rules.

1.) Ignore the Hype:
Do not listen to all the hype and speculation that LeBron is going to Cleveland or
staying in Miami. The fact is, nobody knows for sure and if someone does know, they sure aren’t going to spill the beans before

2.) Do not settle for second place:
Let’s quiet down on a desire for Carmelo or Kevin Love.
They are what they are, consolation prizes! You do not pass up the opportunity to go after the greatest player since Jordan.
Have some standards, Bulls fans! Bulls management needs to go for broke and put all their chips in the LeBron sweepstakes. So what if they fall short? You need to go for the once in a generation player. Melo or Love may get the Bulls a spot in the Eastern Conference Finals every year, but is that really what you want? Is your desire to become the Buffalo Bills of the NBA? (For all you young kids, I am referring to 4 Super Bowl appearences in a row, with 0 rings to show for it.)
LeBron James will give the franchise the best shot at a Dynasty. The difference between LeBron James and the rest of the free agent pack is a Dynasty and an annual trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. You take the risk for LeBron and you don’t think twice!

3.) Please realize the Bulls are not the Sacramento Kings:
The Chicago Bulls are one of four franchises that are well known on an international level. The others would be the Lakers,Celtics and Knicks.
The Bulls are third overall in NBA championships , only behind the Celtics and Lakers.
The Bulls play in the third largest market only behind Los Angeles and New York. Keep in mind,The  Bulls lown the largest un-shared market, as the Nets and Knicks share New York and the Clippers and Lakers share LA.

The Bulls are in a great position to land arguably the greatest free-agent prize in the history of pro sports. Let’s go for it!